Accounting & Payroll: Payroll (Part 4)

This is part 4 of MTA's Accounting & Payroll class.Presented at an introductory level, this is a great class for those with limited experience in governmental accounting, or as a refresher for more experienced officials. In 

Parts 1 & 2 we'll cover basic accounting methods and includes discussion on common township credits, debits, assets and liabilities. An explanation of accounting methods for various township funds will follow. Delve into the Uniform Chart of Accounts and options for organizing it, as well as new activity. The general ledger and bookkeeping functions of the clerk and treasurer will also be addressed, along with efficient procedures for issuing checks and reconciling balances. 

In Parts 3 & 4, review the information and forms required to prepare for an audit and complete required State of Michigan financial reports. An explanation of payroll record- keeping will be presented, including issues unique to municipalities, such as how to calculate Social Security and Medicare taxes, and how to prepare state and federal report forms. 

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Accounting & Payroll: Payroll (Part 4)
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